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What do we value? Who are we?

Taking Care of our People

There's an old saying that goes "take care of your people, and they'll take care of you", this couldn't be more accurate. Whether it's our employees, clients, or our business partners, we greatly value them because without them, we cease to exist. We want to give our employees an environment they can enjoy and grow within. If they they're happy with us and what we do for them, then they're going to give our clients the great experience they deserve and paid for. When our clients are taken care of that results in referrals, more work, and overall growth of Diamond Edged Lines. We are painting experts, we do not provide construction or lawn care services, but we frequently come across these areas of interest from our clients. So to best serve you, we have an established network of business partners who do offer these services that we will refer out to. We love referring other businesses and helping them out because they do the same for us, which leads to expansion for everyone!

Enriching our Communities

As a small, local business we take it as our personal responsibility to help our communities in any way we can! One way we go about this is by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. It's not uncommon to see us in their resale store lending a hand, or at their work sites, donating our services. We choose to do this because they're a great cause that directly impacts our local community and shares our values. When our clients decide to work with us, we want them to feel good knowing that they are directly helping their community. Another way Diamond Edged Lines anticipates to help out is by helping take care of the parks and public areas in the communities that we serve. This could be anywhere from repainting picnic tables to repainting weather shelters. We are always looking for opportunities to give back, if you have something in mind please reach out to us! You can do this on our "Contact" page of our website, or by simply calling Cody's personal number, 608-547-8720.

Craftsmanship that speaks for Itself

Diamond Edged Lines understands that in order to grow and expand we must satisfy every client we are graced with. When it comes time to start working on your project, every aspect says something about our brand. Anything from the cleanliness of the job site to the overall appearance of the final product reflects on our image. With great communication we are able to maintain a lateral vision with our clients and what they expect of us. We also like to put everything in writing, so that there aren't any misunderstandings! In our industry, word-of-mouth is everything, we want to give you a reason to tell your friends and family about us. This is why we value our quality of work so heavily, along with unmatched customer experience. When you work with us, you can rest assure we will do everything within our power to deliver on our promises!

Thank you for your attention!

Thank you for your attention!

Diamond Edged Lines

A contractor with a different perspective.

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